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News Nuggets August 2015

  Here are some Real Estate news nuggets that I have found this month: Click here for the latest article about “boomerang buyers”.  These are Buyers that lost their homes during the housing crisis and they’ve restored their credit and are ready to impact housing again. This is really cool — > here is a link …

Brunswick County Sales Results

September 2014

Brunswick County Real Estate Sales Results are in and not surprisingly, the Number One Company is still our Company, Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage. Check out the “Sales Chart” above (click it to enlarge it) and you’ll see that with nearly $180 million in closed property sales so far this year, Coldwell Banker Sea Coast Advantage has sold MORE THAN the next four competing companies COMBINED. That means if your property was listed and/or sold in the past nine months, odds are that a Sea Coast Agent had something to do with it. That is just an awesome achievement. If you are interested in trends, lets look at comparing the first nine months of the past three years 2012 to 2013 to 2014. From January 1 through September 2012, the entire MLS sold 1438 homes. From January 1 through September 2013, the entire MLS sold 1725 homes. (Nearly 20% increase in units) From January 1 through September 2014 we sold 1737 homes for only a 12 unit increase. Most economists would call our market “flat” when comparing last year to this year, but we’re doing much better than just two years ago thank goodness!  If you’re interested in any more maket information or trends, just give me a call! Frank 910-443-3566